Episode 139 – Jason Segel

In honor of the release of The Five-Year Engagement, Spencer and Greg look back on Jason Segel’s career.

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Spencer was born and raised in New Mexico. He grew up with the many great films of the 1980’s before having his world rocked after seeing The Usual Suspects. He moved to Washington State to go to the University of Washington, and currently any free time he currently has is split between working on film projects and watching films.

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  • I really liked “Jeff Who Lives At Home”, as well as anything by the brothers Duplass. I have been trying to get all of my friends to netflix “The Puffy Chair” for years.

  • Scott

    Props on another great episode from a fellow Rush fan!!

  • Spencer Fornaciari

    Thanks Scott!

    Good deal about Rush – what is your favorite song by them? Tom Sawyer or something else?

  • Spencer Fornaciari

    Good man Cassidy, we need more film advocates like you out there.

  • Scott

    I’m a huge fan & have all of their albums so it’s really tough to pick one song.  My favorite album is Hemsipheres.  What about you?

  • Spencer Fornaciari

    I haven’t listened to that much of their stuff…but I’ve enjoyed what I heard and I am willing to listen to more. I’ll check out Hemispheres, thanks for the suggestion.

  • Scott

    Cool!  Be forewarned… Hemispheres is probably their most technically complex album.  It’s definitely not for everybody but I think it is brilliant!

  • Greg Thomas

    “La Villa Strangiato” is probably one of the best and most complicated Rush songs ever.