Episode 214 – DVD Rundown 12-18-2012

Spencer and Greg give their DVD rundown for December 18th, 2012. In this episode they discuss Total Recall, Killer Joe, Pitch Perfect, and Sleepwalk With Me.

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Spencer was born and raised in New Mexico. He grew up with the many great films of the 1980’s before having his world rocked after seeing The Usual Suspects. He moved to Washington State to go to the University of Washington, and currently any free time he currently has is split between working on film projects and watching films.

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  • Adelaide Blair

    I hated his character in Sleepwalk With Me so much that I cannot listen to Mike Birbiglia anymore. Which is sad because I really enjoyed his work. Maybe I am getting old, but even though I thought his dad was a jerk, I totally understood his point of view. (Less sympathetic about the “comedy is not a real job” and more agreeing with the “you are an annoying person who needs to get it together” point of view.)

  • Spencer Fornaciari

    Yeah, I definitely agree that some of his actions make him less sympathetic, but I definitely can relate to that perspective of aspiring to do something but being stuck in place. Also, I think having a sleep disorder was a unique backbone to what might have otherwise been a fairly traditional story.

  • Adelaide Blair

    Yeah, but at no point in the movie did I have any sympathy for him or his sleep disorder. I spent most of the time thinking, “Go to the doctor, dumbass.” I really wanted to like it, though. I should note that I loved the This American Life episode about his sleep issues. So, I was not expecting to dislike this movie as much as I did.