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Spencer Fornaciari FOUNDER

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Spencer was born and raised in New Mexico. He grew up with the many great films of the 1980’s before having his world rocked after seeing The Usual Suspects. He moved to Washington State to go to the University of Washington, and upon graduation began working in Seattle’s independent film community. Since then he become a core team member on Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival, the communications director of IFP/Seattle, and the producer of the MacGuffin Film Podcast and Backroom Comics Podcast. Any free time he currently has is split between working on film projects and watching films.

Allen Almachar WRITER

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Allen was born in the Philippines but was raised in America thanks to the United States Navy. His earliest memories of movies came with such undisputed classics such as the Indiana Jones and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trilogies, or anything with Jean-Claude Van Damme. His love for film sparked after watching Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, a film he cites as “the movie that made me love movies.” Since then, he has developed a passion for film that has yet to be relinquished, watching movies as far back as Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, to Quentin Tarantino and James Cameron, and everything in between.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Washington, but knows that the world of film is his true calling. When he’s not writing for the Macguffin website or making his own terribly-made video projects, Allen loves to play video games, play his guitar, and dance, not shying away from letting people know that he once auditioned for Step Up 3D.

Edward Davidson WRITER

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Ed Davidson is a Seattle native. So of course, the crappy weather has made him spend countless hours in a darkened room watching anything at all that is projected or televised. He loves old stuff like “The Thin Man” movies (damn, Myrna Loy was hot), loves watching “Lost” (damn, Evangeline Lilly is hot), and has an unhealthy obsession with “Star Trek” (damn, Patrick Stewart is hot). He has proudly watched every movie that has won the Best Picture Oscar, and his lifetime goal is to have watched every film in the book “1001 Movies To Watch Before You Die”. Ed currently lives in Shoreline with his wife, 2 daughters, 2 dogs, 2 gerbils, and some incredibly large raccoons that pop out from under his deck like something on “The Munsters”. He has newly discovered snowboarding, soccer, and why Charles Bronson doesn’t suck as much as he had always assumed.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama from the UW back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and works for a large NW based software company (but not the one you are thinking of).

Benjamin Nason WRITER

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Born and raised in the suburbs of Seattle, Benjamin Nason grew up loving film. The first film experience he remembers is seeing, The Empire Strikes Back in the theater, and was forever changed by the experience. As a child Ben would spend many hours creating stories with his action figures then displaying them in scenes that he would capture on a camera. Once he was of age to work, Ben took on a job at the local video store where a large inventory at his disposal led to a real passion for watching film. While action films have always been his favorite, Ben enjoys everything from the trashiest exploitation film to the subtlest art house drama. With a love of books, especially studies on film, and a love for writing, it only seemed natural to combine the two with the love of movies and write about film himself. By examining the medium, the things we love, the things we hate, and why it makes us feel those ways, we can come to perhaps a better understanding of ourselves and how we fit into culture and society.

When he is not writing about film, Ben spends his time writing comic books, already having self-published a comic called, The Serpent Whispered, and dabbling in screenplays, perhaps even one day he may write a novel or two.

Benjamin Rendall WRITER

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Ben was born in Wisconsin, attended Wartburg College in Waverly, IA. He got a degree in History, more importantly in college and became intrigued with the Academy Awards and branched off from there looking to find great films. Later he got a library degree and now works at the Minneapolis Central Library. He is  still an avid Oscarwatcher and film and television fan. He currently lives in Minneapolis, MN with with his cat Hannah and has a girlfriend/editor, Andrea.

Adelaide Blair WRITER

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Adelaide was born in Southern Oregon and has lived to tell the tale. She has a BFA in printmaking and painting and an MBA from the University of Washington. Back in the 70s when cable only gave you an extra 3 channels or so, one of those stations was a Bay Area channel that produced a show called Creature Features with Bob Wilkins. She credits this program and a steady childhood diet of Abbott and Costello, Doris Day, Cary Grant, and Peter Cushing for teaching her to love movies. Also, she saw Star Wars during its original theatrical run at a drive-in. When she is not watching movies, she is making paintings about prehistoric sharks and giant squids in space.

Sarah Ksiazek WRITER

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Sarah has been writing about films and movie trailers since 2009. She has been obsessed with movie trailers since high school, but her first love is working with animals. She has a B.S. in Ecology and an M.S. in Zoology which all led her to her dream of picking up the poop of zoo animals on a daily basis. She has worked with African animals in a zoo setting since 2006. She is an editor for Lost in Reviews, runs and writes for The Host Movie News, and will soon be starting a website following the Outlander book series to its television adaptation. Sarah lives in Dallas, Texas.

Nicholas Ahlers WRITER

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Nicholas was brought up in Tacoma, WA, where he eventually learned to accept and appreciate movies outside of the Ernest franchise. A fateful summer afternoon spent seeing “L.A. Confidential” changed his entire cinematic outlook. In the subsequent years, he has moved to the heart of Seattle and become fully enveloped in it’s arthouse and festival happenings. Former co-host of the cult podcast Planned Brotherhood, he spends his free time seeing and discussing film with anyone willing to hear him out.

Ginger Mills EDITOR

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Ask anyone who knows her and they will say Ginger is truly an eternal student. With degrees in music, language, teaching, history, instructional design, and science, she is a pushover for (almost) anything “Broadway,” and is obsessed with unicorns (thanks to Peter S. Beagle). She is an instructional designer who also freelances as an editor/proofreader, with a special emphasis of texts produced by non-native speakers of English. Ginger lives in northern California and has very eclectic tastes when it comes to books, movies, and television.